Y Knot White?

For a recent event, JG knew that her clients absolutely wanted a magnificent white wedding. I know I have spent a lot of Blogs on the use of color and it's various appeals, but there is something about white for a wedding that seems absolutely eternal. At no other time will you see the stars and supporting cast of a marriage so pristine and inspiring. It's like a fairy tale and for one magical day or night, the princess is beautiful, the prince handsome and they live happily ever after. Who could resist?

Understanding this concept is a designer's job and then to actualize it is her art. There is no better place to start than with the bouquets and flower arrangements.

Roses, Calla Lilies, Hydrangea and Orchids are some of the blooms that positively glow in white and give texture to the arrangement. Without this texture, we could not have the variety of flowers that make an arrangement interesting as well as beautiful. Monochrome does not mean you lose anything by not having color. It enhances the shapes and stirs alternate senses so we appreciate the individual features of each arrangement.

Simple touches let the blooms speak for themselves. From a side table to a long table and from a tall table to a short table, White spread it's wings and took flight throughout the room.

A supporting cast of thousands gathered in harmony and burst into bloom.

Everywhere we looked there was another jewel to see. Even the ceremony room boasted a tall beautiful presence.

Not to be outdone by their taller cousins, the small ones gathered and jumped up in front of our eyes, adding filigree and fun to the "seat" menu on the board above them.

"I guess we showed them!" said the Calla Lilies. "Keep your voice down," warned the stately Roses. "They'll hear you!" "Let em!" roared the Hydrangeas and they shared a self-satisfied flower giggle, feeling very important in their role of instructing the guests.

"I wonder what white flower will be at our table?" asked one of the guests. "What table are you at?" asked her escort. "Hmm, let me see. Oh there we are! We're at table six! Let's go see!"
Quickly they found their seats and were delighted that right in front of them was a delicate bunch of beautiful peonies, which everyone knows is the most romantic flower out there!

"How beautiful!" they exclaimed and no sooner had they looked to see who was joining them at the table then they noticed some other arrangements and out came everyone's cell phones to capture the timeless artistry of white.

Hydrangeas, Roses, Calla Lilies, Peonies, Tulips and others all stood at attention as everyone ooohed and aaahed at the plethora of pretty!

Special attention was given to the bridal table, as they were certainly the royalty of the group.

(Truthfully, it was a little unnerving because during the installation of this event, we could hear them dissing the other table and we had to remind them that everyone there was special)

I think they finally figured out when the cake was introduced and they had never seen flowers like that just growing out of the top of a cake. They were very quiet after that because someone said those flowers were going to be cut off and that was scary.

Needless to say, JG really showed the amazing things an event producer could do. Drawing everything together to make a complete picture is no easy thing. This event was everything anyone could wish for and will be remembered for A long time, good work JG!

As Jes Says: Wedding in White is a Winner!