(JG that is)

Here in the Liberty Theater, we find ourselves in the Emerald City of Oz, fulfilling the Holiday Theme for Yahoo.

As you already know, JG does amazing things for many corporate clients but this one is really, really the bomb! As the guests walked in, they saw a tornado in black and white, both from artistic lighting and multiple TVs depicting the film's dark beginning.

Following the path of the tornado, guests were guided to the inner rooms through the ominous storm with its touch of evil in the guise of legs with the magic red slippers.

There, amidst the witches broom and the swirling tornado, the guests pass the crashed hot air balloon and walk into a world of glorious Technicolor!

I don't know about you, but JG had me at "We're off!" Wizard of Oz is my favorite classic and how I wish I were there!

So In we go to the wonderful world of Technicolor and our trek to the Emerald City. Soon we discover the cocktail bar and we are ready to "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

This is so cool! Even the small touches around us have magical imagery and flair.

Shadow lights with scenes from "The Wizard of Oz" subtly adorn the tables. That's just an amazing attention to detail and totally brilliant.

Even an arrangement reminiscent of the field of poppies is happily colorful and fun!

And then we go to the Emerald City! O! M! G!

Just as an observation, I know theaters are dramatic in their designs and made to be utilized for transformations, but that's a big difference from event producing. JG's ability to adapt to the surroundings and become a set director as well as artist is enviable. I can't imagine the client wasn't blown away!

Beautiful seating areas and colorful banquet sites are just some of the places in keeping with the theme of the party.

Even with the spirit of the theme, there are serene places to relax and enjoy friends and fun. Besides, those red slippers have high heels and you have to sit down just to rest!

As the guests are invited to the elegant banquet, they have arrived at the Emerald City and their journey has been a happy one.

Now remember to wear your red slippers and click your heels three times and say: "I want to go to a JG Event. I want to go to a JG Event!"