Valentine’s Day

Most people have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. If they have a date than it is the best holiday! If not, they usually just hibernate so they don't have to witness the love bliss around town. But no matter your relationship status there is one thing that is universal about Valentine’s Day… Red Roses. Red roses have somehow made their title as the most romantic flower around. But here at the jesGORDON/properFUN studio we like to shake things up a bit! We have taken a poll and each came up with our favorite “no Red Roses allowed” Valentine’s Day Flowers. And because we couldn't just leave you hanging flowers in hand and no plans, we have also picked our favorite date spot for the occasion!

To start, there are some meanings behind the flowers you probably aren’t aware of. Gardenias represent Secret Love. Primroses say “I can’t live without you.” Orchids signify Love and Beauty. Tulips mean Perfect Lover. Pink roses stand for Gratitude, Appreciation, Admiration and Sympathy. And of course Red Roses symbolize Love, Respect and Courage. But we have some more unique ideas coming your way!

Jes’ Pick:

I love the element of surprise. So what would be cooler than getting flowers that aren’t actually flowers? These flowers are actually made out of tissue paper! Don’t worry if you don't have time to make these origami masterpieces, most crafts store sold them pre-done. This can be just a thoughtful as the real thing and they will last forever!

I think the Museum of Sex could be a fun date place for you and your Valentine. It is an “out of the box” idea that your date would appreciate. Exploring here can give you a lot of different topics for conversation, plus it can give you some inspiration for later on ;)

Rocio’s Pick:

Anemone’s are my all time favorite flower. I love the clean lines and how the center just pops, yet they are still romantic. They come primarily in white, and when we are lucky a lovely blush color, which I think is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Most likely this is something your date has not come across often, so they will love the fact that you spent the time to find something unique and striking.

I think something active would be fun and different for a Valentine’s date. SPiN New York is a club that is known for their cool atmosphere and Ping Pong tables! You could have a friendly competition to spice things up. Winner gets a kiss!

Kait’s Pick:

I swear if I get one more bouquet of Red Roses I’m going to lose it! The guy I’m dating should know better than to peg me for the traditional red rose girl. What about all the other colors that roses come in? They deserve a little love too! Picking an arrangement that has variation and texture is much more meaningful to me than being one of a thousand with the same bouquet. Also chances are the other colors are not as expensive as Red, so there is room to get me some chocolate as well ;)

What about just a nice dinner out? It’s not everyday that I get to dress up a little and hit the town. Maybe somewhere trendy with a fun vibe, good music and cozy seating. Dirty French on the Lower East Side is an up and coming little spot and in an exciting area to explore. Dinner for 2 please!

Jamie’s Pick:

From a girl who loves succulents, I would have to pick Dahlia’s as a very close second choice. They resemble the patterns of the succulents but read more romantic because of the colors they come in. They range from pinks and peaches to purples and burgundys so there are many to choose from. What I also love about these flowers is variation of color within in the flower itself. They look as if they were tie-tied but its all natural, which makes them even cooler!

I would be excited if my Valentine were to say “Hey! I want to check out this cool Whiskey Bar.” I think this shows that they actually thought about something I would enjoy as well as not succumbing to the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner. This great place in Williamsburg called Norman’s Kil is known for their whiskey and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Jess’ Pick:

Being a florist by trade, I’ve seen it all. I would be surprised if I was given a flower I haven’t used before. Tulips have always been a go-to flower for me because they read as fresh, clean and happy. I also love that they have two different looks. When they are just picked they are closed up and have a modern look to them. And when they start to open they have a soft loving feel. It’s almost like you are getting two arrangements in one. The colors are endless but my favorites are the reds, pinks and purples.

When I think Valentine’s Day, I immediately think perfect night to stay in and cook! Most people would disagree with me, but I like trying out a new recipe and enjoying a stress free night with my loved ones. This year I think I am going to try out a new Chicken & Waffles recipe I saw online from Bobby Flay. The perfect mix of sweet and spicy!

Ruckus’ Pick:

Obviously Ruckus picks the edible flowers! Yummy  And a long romantic walk on the highline.