Tips from the Best - Jes Gordon

Spring has sprung! For most people this means its time to put away the winter coat and enjoy the warmer weather. For us in the event industry, they might as well rename spring as ‘Wedding Season’. Many couples book that coveted April, May, or June Saturday where the flowers are just perfect and the sun stays out in time to end their romantic ceremony. Then they party the rest of the night away! We thought we would give you a little insight to how jesGORDONproperFUN gears up for these extravaganzas!

Jes-ism #1: “Always be one step ahead of the game because it is all about delivering a service and exceeding any and all expectations.”

This is something that Jes constantly drives home. You would think we have a crystal ball predicting what is going to go wrong, but it really all comes down to organization and pre planning every possible outcome. Some items that are crucial to the pre production process would be all of our packing lists, purchasing documents, flower recipes, and any visuals that correspond to our design. We use file-sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Google Docs to keep everyone on our team updated and in continual communication. When the decor side of things is air tight, we turn to Eventbrite’s Event Management Software to keep our guest list in line. This lends a helping hand in regards to the next Jes-ism as well.

Jes-sim #2: “Know your audience, and design a space that everyone can relate to.”

When we use Eventbrite’s Event Management Software it allows us to view exactly who is coming to an event, who is staying home, and who is still left to respond to an event. Having this inside scoop lets Jes and the team design something they know will jive well with the crowd they are expecting as well as keeping the client informed. It is important that a space is designed so that it is easily digestible to the most common person while still giving them something exciting and stimulating to look at and learn from. A perfect example of this is from Rainbow Room - shot by Eric Laignel - where the room makes a statement but is comfortable at the same time. Bonus if you can transform the space into a world that evokes an emotional response from your guest (and we don't just mean waterworks). This can be pure joy or even anger but at least they are feeling something and this is when we know our job is truly done.

Jes-ism #3: “To create ambience, you have to appeal to the five senses all at once.”

Due to social media, we are finding that our clients are putting more effort into making sure each facet of their event is perfect. From the decor to the food to the bathrooms, they want to make sure that no stone is unturned, so making sure that all of these components flow with each other is essential. With our event for Superbowl, M&Ms wanted to bring in the feel of New Orleans since this was the host city for Superbowl. This concept also lends itself to help develop color schemes and personal touches the client might want to include. If a client is going for a farm to table feel with the food, we wouldn't want a centerpiece dripping in crystals. Maybe instead we would design a rambling floral runner with greenery and bright pops of flowers. Some color trends that are super hot right now are monochromatic shades of pinks and blushes as well as a classic, clean and modern look incorporating flowers such as calla lilies and tulips.

Jes-ism #4: “Incorporating accents made of nontraditional materials adds warmth and personality to your event.”

Jes always reminds our clients to make their events about them and their favorite things, not about pleasing a parent or the other guests attending. If the dog is a really important part of their family then make sure they have a place. If your grandma really wants to pass down her wedding dress to you, incorporate the material in the wrapping of the bouquet. These are the touches that will be most memorable and differentiate your event from everyone else’s. A wedding or any event for that matter is not going to please everyone. The most important person to please is yourself. Having an over the top glamorous event is great but it needs a little bit of edge to make it truly unique. A venue like Glasshouses which is a blank canvas, allows us to design with materials and color schemes that may not work elsewhere. A little bit of country and A LOT of rock and roll goes a long way. That’s why we tell our clients not to sweat the small stuff, that’s why you hired us!

Jes-ism #5: “When everyone is partying effortlessly; that’s when you feel like a rockstar.”

When it comes time for the event, there is no going back now. The deadline has arrived. What done is done and you have to have confidence in your vision and pre planning that this is going to be a success! People feed off the mood of the host so just trust that you have the right people in place (which you do with jesGORDONproperFUN) and enjoy yourself! We are talking about planning parties here, not funerals! So there really shouldn't be anything else to worry about except experiencing all your hard work come to life with your guests. Put your party pants on and dance until the sun comes up! At the Knot Gala, we had the right people in place so when the party came to fruition we were able to enjoy the party with the rest of guests.