The school year is among us and unfortunately; my time at jesGORDON/properFUN is coming to an end. My knowledge, appreciation, and love for the hospitality industry have grown even more as I have spent an unforgettable eleven weeks with a team that has an unlimited supply of talent and creativity.

Throughout my experience as the JG intern, I have been involved in 8 vastly different events ranging from bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, bridal showers, and launch parties. I have been involved in client samples, trips to the flower market, the making of event proposals, load-outs, load-ins, and day-of design and production. I have acquired business strategies, communication skills, and design and production methods.

I began my internship with the hopes of exploring another facet of the industry being that I had only had experience in hotels and restaurants and now with only a week remaining, I can confidently say that event production is both an unbelievable industry and something I am eager to pursue. The JG team combines all aspects of the hospitality industry into one succinct idea—food, ambiance, and people.

As I sign off as the JG intern I wish to leave you with the five most important life lessons you will ever hear so you should definitely write these down:

Important Life Lessons as told by Jes
1. A wise rapper once proclaimed one must "Work Hard, Play Hard" (words to live by)
2. Don't be afraid to be different
3. Always be one step ahead of the game because it is all about delivering a service and exceeding any and all expectations
4. Arrangements in odd numbers are the only way things should be done
5. Chocolate can solve almost any problem