Set your Table to Make a Statement

As event producers, we are constantly thinking about the whole experience a guest has at an event. One thing we truly believe in is designing through the five senses; Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell and Taste. Visually everything can look fantastic, but if it tastes like crap that will be the thing that sticks in your head. This is why over the years we have developed strong relationships with many caterers, this way we work in tandem to produce the best possible result for our client.

Many people eat with their eyes. Unfortunately there is no way around this. Most people don’t realize that they way their food is presented has a major impact on whether they deem it good or bad. That is why here at jesGORDONproperFUN we take great care in selecting what your food will be served on. We believe that beauty and functionality can be achieved together. In January, we were fortunate enough to attend the 2016 NY NOW Gift Show at the Javits Center, and I’m surprised we were able to control ourselves and not buy up the entire place. We saw some truly exquisite and inspirational design, and we want to share our favorites.

Rock and Roll with a Little Country

Is that an agate charger we spy? Why yes it is. And agate coasters and napkin ring, oh my! What a unique and cool way to showcase your china. The non-uniform shape really makes a statement on your table. Pairing this with a patterned set of china is in fact brilliant. At jesGORDONproperFUN we are all about the mixed patterns. These two work so well with each other because they stay in the same color range but they are simple enough to not overpower one another. This is important to keep in mind if you are trying to replicate the look. And let’s not overlook that awesome leather placement with the jagged edge. Now there is my country edge! West Elm has similar agate coasters so you can achieve this look at home!

Elegant with a Modern Twist

We were immediately drawn to this set because of the marble patterned china, but where they really stepped up the design was with the gold edges. What seems like a small detail, actually dictates the tone. Now the gold bamboo flatware as well as the gold napkin ring complement beautifully. Also setting this over a charcoal grey textured placemat was a smart move as it picks up on the veins of the marble put letting the china be the star of the table. Bravo! One of our favorite rental companies, Party Rental Ltd, has the best selection of flatware that is sure to make any table shine.

Luxurious with a Side of Glamour

From this point forward, grey fur placemats are a must have in every household. This combination of colors, textures and materials screams opulence. These awesome placemats definitely cover the sense of touch and is a nice contrast to the cold, sleek design of the agate. The silver edging that is mimicked in the rim of china really pulls the whole look together. Of course this look is may be over the top for some, but no one can deny the clear-cut gorgeousness. (except that the wine glass is on the wrong side; tisk, tisk!) If cutting edge style is what you are going for, Casa de Perrin is your go to rental company! They achieve chic elegance for a fraction of the cost.

Bedazzling but Quirky

Now this was something to see. This vendor uses small seed beads to create masterpieces that we call chargers. The teapot design with the traditional toile colors has a classic French feel while the pop of green makes this color combination is fun, fresh and funky. The resin flatware and white dipped glassware up the modern factor and the embroidery on the napkin brings the whole theme together. This design would be perfect for a ladies lunch. Don’t miss out on the set of silver mixers for all those yummy drinks you’ll be having! If you love this look, then you will absolutely adore Fish Eddy, an collection of eccentric items for your home.

Hopefully these designs have you as excited as we are about hosting your next dinner party! But looking pretty is only half the battle. Everything that goes on your table has a rightful place. This is where the beauty of functionality comes into play. If you thought we would leave you hanging on the proper(FUN) way to set your table, think again!

You want to allot about 2 feet of space per person on the table. This is for a very formal setting with all the bells and whistles. Of course you can take away what you don't need. When all of these items are on a table, many get confused on which is theirs versus their neighbors. But again, don't fret! We have some easy etiquette tricks for you to follow:

- It is common courtesy to unfold your napkin and put it on your lap as soon as you sit down.

- When you press your forefinger to thumb and stretch out your other fingers on your left hand, it creates a ‘b’; that is how you know your bread plate is on the left. If you are going to butter your bread, take a piece of butter on your plate first, then butter your piece of bread.

- If you make the same hand gesture as before with your right hand it creates a ‘d’; this is how you know that your drinking glasses are on the right.

- Dinner fork will always be the biggest fork on the table, while the salad fork and the cake fork are the same size. You can tell the difference between these by where they are placed.

- Your bread knife will always be paired with your bread plate, while the dinner knife is on your right side. A steak knife is not traditionally set on the table, but will be brought to you before you eat, if it is needed.

- The spoons will always be placed with the knife on the right side. For soup select the bigger one, or the outermost spoon.

- If all else fails, always use your outermost piece of flatware first and work your way in.

- It is traditional to use your right hand for the knife and your left hand for your fork. Sorry leftys!

- If your soup is too hot, DO NOT BLOW ON IT! Stir it a couple of times and wait for it to cool down.

- When you have finished your course, place your flatware next to each other at a slight angle on the right side of your plate. This lets the waiter know you are done and ready for the next course!

- And when you are completely done with your fabulous meal, place your napkin on the table and voila!

Now you are ready to party like a rockstar!