April 22, 2016 jesGORDON/properFUN

Sweet and Lovely

Recently, at the Harvard Club, JG installed a fabulous star studded event for a young lady celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. Combining whimsy, bold colors and an "Oscar" worthy artistic eye, this event was one of a kind.

I must admit to being a mush when it comes to witnessing the path from tween to young lady. One moment young enough to giggle and the next, old enough to be responsible. It's a transition of epic proportions. Leaving childhood behind and embarking on the rest of the journey, of course there is a celebration!

Capturing this moment is what JG does best!

Young enough to have fun,

Old enough to deserve an Oscar!

In every room, in every corner and on every table is a reflection of the star of the day. With JG, it becomes a dream come true, honoring the warmth surrounding the family and friends. Along with some movie stars!

I noticed a multi level design as I went from place to place. I loved the idea of wonderful waterfalls in the shape of lights, jewels and table dressing.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Please, join me at the candy bar!

Or the Cocktail Lounge

We'll be meeting some friends so save a few tables for us.

Unless, of course, you'd rather lounge somewhere a little more comfortable? What are those delicious looking attractions? Yummy!

Dinner is delightful!

And Gorgeous!

Memories ARE made of this and they will be so beautiful!

Favors? Did someone mention elegance and beauty? Here we go!

The perfect ending to an unforgettable occasion.

Thank you JG

And thank you to ReadyLuck for these wonderful photos.