It's where dreams are born, secrets are kept and beauty abounds. Here, in the glow of perfect shadows and light, expertly crafted fantasies come true.

The guests are formal in dress and thus the designer must provide a venue that calls up visions of ethereal fairy tales and magic.

For this summer night, JG did exactly that.

From start to finish, the celebration of the wedding was wrapped in richness and opulence.

Overflowing and inviting, throngs of elegant orchids welcome the guests as they retrieve their seating cards. (There were so many, I really wanted to take a few with me!)

This is a wonderful example of how draping, lighting and the majesty of the building itself can blend together perfectly.

Notice the use of simple votive candle holders that compliment rather than fight with the exquisite shining table linens. This kind of attention to detail sets a standard and the guests anticipate the next step of the event.

Have you noticed the quiet color scheme that is carried from location to location all over? That is no accident. It looks like rooms of a castle, tended by artisans from all over the world. And it is only JG.

This wedding was so stunning, anyone who was there will, I know, talk about it for a lifetime. But isn't that what you want? The most important day of your life to be life changing? (In a good way!)

It is a gift JG gives. She, too, knows how important and treasured any event becomes for the people who host or attend.