Here we are at the pinnacle of the "season". It is the time when brides and corporations alike want the beauty of event to match the beauty of the fall.

I am blown away by the extreme accomplishments of JG and her team. Every time I think I have seen the best I ever will, JG ratchets up another rung on the already tall ladder to perfection.

Let me show you what I mean by extrapolating some photos of events we did during the summer months.

I have always been fascinated with the floral creations surrounding almost every aspect of an event. To make these designs an integral part of the venue I imagine there is a great deal to consider. Color, size, style, flower selection and presentation are but a few of the options. Therefore, the designer must draw on experience, inspiration and creativity for a successful presentation. JG is a master producer of just such individual pieces.

Elegant, beautiful and warm all in one amazing setting built from the visual artistry of one who can see an empty space and transform it into a lush setting as if by magic. Here you have a bird's eye view of what the bride will see as she walks to the altar. Combining draping and floral architecture, we see a wedding daydream come true.

From the tiniest of branches to the fullness of an altar pole, the color scheme and texture is compelling and compatible.

Nothing is left to chance. A critical eye sees the space and a creative mind fills it. Now lets take a look inside the venue where again, small and thoughtful touches are tastefully placed.

The guests, by now, know they are witnessing a special event, as they feel honored to have been invited. Then they gasp as they enter the dining arena that transports them to a time and place movies are made of.

From Top

To Table

This is serious beauty.

It is hard to explain, but when a guest walks into an event that is this magnificent, there is joy, and a sense of being in a sanctuary for only a chosen few. There is no better compliment to them than having provided such an atmosphere.

Of course it isn't just the floral ornamentation that personifies a great event producer. Your event must reflect your own tastes and your event producer must be able to sense and process what they are. JG is, without a doubt magnificent in her ability to do just that!

Whether you want supreme formality, or nature's bounty, it should be seriously beautiful.