Mother's Day

It's the time for bouquets and poetic cards in recognition of love and guidance only a mother can give.

So what kind of kid were you? Do you need a major bouquet so she knows you're sorry for being a brat? Or simple lovely colorful bunches to just say "hi" because you were a model child.

I myself fall in the brat category and probably my kids do too but I just want to get a lot of flowers.

JG is and has been and will be everyone's idea of why we have kids. I hit the lottery with her and her brother but that doesn't mean I don't want a lot of blooms!

This has my name all over it!

For some reason, I like to burst into rhyme on this one holiday probably because I can never get a word in edgewise in the company of chatterbox kids. So in honor of all children, whose existence make us mothers, I will again use this urge to honor them. Hats off to mother's day!!

What shall we do on Mother's Day?
We have to take her out to play!
A party would be just the thing!
Cause Mom loves family gatherings!

Let us give JG a call
She'll know just how to please us all.
She'll take the fuss and make it fun
And we can surprise everyone!

JG gets the time and place
So we can simply show our face.
Mom will think we've worked all year
For just this day, she's such a dear!

We'll get a tent and then you'll see
What JG does for you and me!

Can you believe it? Mom will love it!
Especially the plants above it!

And everyone will be surprised
Just seeing her with their own eyes
And seeing that her family knew
That JG made her dreams come true.

For comfort and to help relax
JG has seating and our backs!
Mom will really like this place
It shines like gold upon her face.

A little magic here and there
Some flowers near her dinner chair.

Little accents all around
The venue that JG has found.
Her designs are like no other
Celebrating love for mother!

Orchids among the tiny mints
Smiling glo balls, pastel tints.
Over there an artsy one
With stones and candy feathered fun

There is no end to what she'll do
To make your mother's dream come true.
Just ask someone who's done the same
And they will give you just one name.

JG Proper Fun

From Ruckus to her Mommy.
From me to JG