Our Love is Here…

All my life I have loved remarkable and historic animal exhibitions. My all time favorite? The American Museum of Natural History. Since my first visit as a small child, I have never missed an opportunity to go to this epic theater and have never forgotten the majestic rooms and displays. It was huge and when I learned JG was to design weddings in this sacred setting I was ecstatic!

A bride and groom who loved this museum as I had: THEY had to be special and therefore so did the wedding! I know, I know, it wasn't MY wedding but it WAS my favorite place on earth!

Here is where a love story begins. A beautiful Pear branch archway invites guests into the exclusive ceremony room. Votives add ambiance and quietly lead them in.

I'm thinking this alone is at least half a tissue box.

I do, we do and they did. Everyone cried, remembering their own nuptials and that's why weddings are so universally loved.

It was time to relax and have a drink, socialize and start the celebration. Where better to do that than the Dinosaur Exhibit? Even the oldest guests would feel like spring chickens next to these fossils.

Here was a merry, colorful fantasy. Isn't it amazing how a few flowing tables and well-lit anccents can make people smile? Color us happy!

JG installed a beautiful archway through which the guests passed. There, in the rotunda, was a wonderful table arrangement displaying the escort cards.

And now we must take a walk through history to the reception! This is too much fun!

Following the path, guided by a subtle trail of floor lights, there stood my beautiful elephant, a sentinel of welcome! How intuitive to let the museum speak for itself and guide the guests with subtle directional luminaries.

Down the halls, past the exhibits, the giant squid and sea creatures, the guests followed the glowing path through the halls into the reception area, floating through space and time.

A few natural touches of branches, draping and light dresses up the walkway. See the whale? What a vision! And then…THIS!

And THIS!!

A can't believe it. I just keep looking and looking and JG has stunned me. I can't find words. LOOK! Dining with the manatees! Playing with the dolphins!

I remember when I was on a boat and a big whale came close beside us. I had never seen anything quite that big and definitely not that beautiful. I have never forgotten how in awe I was seeing this creature that lived in the ocean and allowed us to visit for a moment.

This wedding evokes the same sense of universal joy and I think only a very sensitive designer could have ever rendered the settings successfully. Kudos JG, you deserve them.

This was a totally unique venue but JG blended the present with the past seamlessly, skillfully and brilliantly.

(I would have given my shark's tooth to be there!)