JG forecasts the trends for 2016

As 2015 comes to a close JG and the team are already looking towards the future. We gaze in our crystal ball and now we are telling you what is going to be hot for the new year!

For weddings:

This coming year brides are going back to basics. It’s no longer about being ostentatious and flashy but instead simple elegance is where it is at. We are finding that brides and grooms are really into the atmosphere of the party and the décor should complement that. A color trend at weddings that is really hot right now is mixed metallics. Gold, rose gold, silver and bronze are neutrals but the shiny pop gives it a glam factor that makes your guests feel like they are at a wedding. This color combination also gives a beautiful backdrop for whatever color flowers of your liking.

For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:

Welcome to 2016 and all new technology options. These kids are super into their phones, computer and video games so they’re parties are reflecting this. The regular party games such as pop a shot and air hockey are still major hits but newer screen based games are on the up and up. Currently these 12 and 13 year olds are going to about 25-30 bar or bat mitzvahs a year so surprising the with the lastest and greatest technology is sure to be a hit. Also photo booths are making a comeback in this day in age, with modernization of course. No longer is it about cramping as many people as you can into a 3ft by 3ft box, but about connecting the pictures you take at a party with social media so everyone can be jealous of how much fun you are having!

For corporate clients:

The corporate clients have slowly but surely been stepping up their games and this year they will finally arrive! Whether it is a product launch, thank you gala or holiday party these corporations are looking for the “wow factor” for their guests. One thing that we are going to see a lot of is video mapping. This technology has been popping up everywhere usually reserved for the rich and famous. But lighting and AV companies are finding ways to make it more easily attainable for the general public. From a simple crawling vine up a wall to a silhouette of a gymnast doing flips, the possibilities are endless and that’s why our corporate clients are loving this trend!