A Flower A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The Favorite Flowers Perfect For Any Event

One more adventure to cross off the intern bucket list—a trip to the flower market. Jes and Rocio invited me to accompany their hot date to Dutch Flower Line. This was far from what most experience at a flower shop. I was able to walk through with the pro—Jes. She knows flowers like I know the nearest Urban Outfitters location. I walked through in awe of the beautiful flowers and knowledge Jes holds for flowers. She had a clear vision of the arrangement she was hoping to make, and was able to achieve something even more spectacular. The romantic and elegant hues of white, pink and purple complemented one another as the flowers married perfectly together (pun intended).

For all of you wondering, here is a list of Jes' 13 favorite flowers to use for any kind of event.

  • 1. Amnesia Rose Color: lavender The Amnesia Rose is a favorite for creating a vintage style with a touch of romance and elegance. The Amnesia Rose complements soft pinks and whites while creating a dramatic effect for your flower arrangement.
  • 2. Ranunculus Colors: reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples and white The Ranunculus is a great flower to incorporate in a bouquet because of their tightly wrapped layers of petals—creating a dynamic aspect of the flower arrangement. funFACT: In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, "I am dazzled by your charms."
  • 3. Calla Lily Colors: whites, greens, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges The Calla Lily is often the go-to flower for a beautiful cocktail arrangement or a pedestal arrangement as your guests enter the venue. The Calla Lily adds a traditional and elegant component to a flower arrangement. funFACT: The name comes from the Greek work for beauty.
  • 4. Dusty Miller Colors: Silvery gray Dusty Miller is all about the texture. The unique color and fine-textured plant adds an edgy element with a natural garden feel. The velvety frosted leaves complement Garden Roses, Ranunculus, and Peonies. The Dusty Miller is both heat and drought resistant, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor wedding/event.
  • 5. Juliet Garden Rose Colors: Peach The Juliet Garden Rose is not the typical rose you buy in the supermarket. These flowers have lush, ruffled petals in the center that are tightly wound in an elegant swirl pattern. funFACT: The Juliet Garden Rose required 15 years and $5.5 million to cultivate.
  • 6. Peonies Colors: whites, pinks, and reds Peonies are regarded as a symbol of good fortune and happy marriage. Peonies are often the choice of flower for a striking table, ceremony, escort card, or cocktail arrangement.
  • 7. Phalaenopsis Orchids (aka "Phals") Colors: whites, pinks, lavenders, yellows Orchids are unique because of the geometrical shaped petals. Phals are the perfect flower to create a beautiful cascading centerpiece or bouquet. Orchids are perceived as a symbol of love—even more of a reason to incorporate in your special event.
  • 8. Antique Hydrangea Colors: mellow tones of green, hazel, brown, sepia, camel, beige, red, and burgundy While hydrangeas are a common choice for flower arrangements, incorporating antique hydrangea will enhance the character of any standard flower combination. The array of colors in each bunch will allow you to incorporate several colors in your flower arrangement. The antique hydrangea can be fun, elegant, and romantic.
  • 9. Dendrobium Orchids Colors: pinks, lavenders, reds, yellows, oranges, mixed color combinations Dendrobium Orchids create a distinctive appearance as they create a cascading effect. Rather than creating an arrangement solely of large individual flowers, incorporating Dendrobium Orchids into a tall vase arrangement or bouquet emphasizes imagination and whimsy.
  • 10. Protea Colors: whites, pinks, peaches The Protea will enhance any flower arrangement with its tropical and enchanting appearance. The flowers have oval shaped sharp leaves that will create a beautiful contrast to the blooms grouped with the flower. This flower is eclectic and bold—perfect for cocktail arrangements, dinner arrangements, and bouquets. The Protea symbolizes audacity and courage and the JG team is all about that.
  • 11. Garden Spirit Colors: Soft Peach with Chartreuse Accents With its aromatic charm, the garden spirit both looks and smells beautiful. It adds refinement to a bridal bouquet or table arrangement and who doesn't like a rose.
  • 12. Astilbe Colors: whites, pinks, reds, and purples Astilbes will provide a textual contrast to your more traditional flowers. These universal flowers can be placed in bouquets or table arrangements and create a cohesive, texturized, eclectic ambiance.
  • 13. Andromeda Colors: pinks and whites The Andromeda is a JG favorite because of its dramatic flair. This flower is perfect for any aspect of an event—bouquets, centerpieces and ceiling installations.
  • Jes' imagination and creativity runs wild with these 13 varieties of flowers. She has been able to create beautifully unique arrangements for every kind of event while making the art of floral design look effortless.