Event Venues of New York City

Being in the event industry for 26 years, we have had the pleasure to work in almost every single venue in the city. From big to small, we do it all! We can honestly say that each venue provides different experience. Some venues come and go and others will never go out of style as they are the coveted NYC venues for many occasions. Depending on your event, there are some venues that are more suiting than others. We have taken the guesswork out of it and complied a list just for you!

The “WOW factor” venue:

The American Museum of Natural History

This space is one of the most iconic spots in NYC. People travel from all over the world. This place is definitely at the top of their lists. What most people don’t know is what a great event space this is! There are many different rooms available including the main lobby with spectacular skeletons of dinosaurs on full display, the Asian Mammals Room where the elephants steal the show, and of course the famous Ocean Life Room with the enormous blue whale. Not only does the content of this museum make it unique, it is one of the few museums to allow social events. Collaborating with their in house catering company, CxRA, is always fun as these guys really know how to throw a party! We have done everything from weddings to corporate galas to concerts in these famous halls and we can genuinely say that each event was an out-of-the-park home run.

The “Hidden Gem” Venue:

Bohemian National Hall

One venue that we have worked in a ton over the past couple of years is Bohemian National Hall. An outsider passing by this building on the Upper East Side would assume that it is just the consulate for the Czech Republic (which it is as well). They would never know what a magnificent two floor ballroom is housed inside. After the regular office hours, is when BNH can really show their stuff. With our help of course, this venue is transformed into the perfect party space, working your way up from the lobby, to the cocktails floor and eventually the party room. When the guests finally reach the top floor, is when their mouths drop. This expansive room is a showstopper atop a building you would never suspect.

The “Modern” Venue:

The Glasshouses

This venue is definitely appropriately named. The walls are floor to ceiling windows so you get an awesome view of the city in all its glory. It sits at the top floor of an office building in Chelsea, overlooking the Hudson River. You feel as though you are in your own private bubble. What we love most about this venue is that it is a raw space. It allows our imaginations to run wild with design to transform it into something truly special for our client. A luncheon during the day or a party at night, this space really has the flexibility to be whatever you need it to be. They also offer a second party floor within the building if you are looking to have an event with moving parts. Since it is a raw space, there are no vendors that are considered “in-house” so we get to compile an awesome team unique to our clients needs. Most recently, we have collaborated with Creative Edge Catering to produce some rock star events here!

The “Grandiose” Venue:

Gotham Hall

Ever dreamed of having your event in the middle of New York City in a building rich with texture and detail? Gotham Hall is your venue! The Haier building, which back in the day was a Savings Bank, looks like your traditional government building complete with strong and masculine columns. The inside houses a grand ballroom, which is actually shaped like an oval. They left some cool details from the bank, such as the teller walls, that creates an intimate feeling for you and your guests. The biggest wow factor would have to be the domed ceiling. It instantly makes you feel like you are at a high-class affair. Being one giant room, we have the ability to create many different layouts for our designs to make each event one of a kind. We have had many clients fall in love with this venue, even one that booked it without visiting it beforehand! That really says it all.

The “Truly Unique” Venue:

HUB Seventeen

This is a venue that we just discovered this week. We were invited to a small intimate dinner party hosted by yummy farm to table catering company, Heirloom Fire. This venue is a sleek community center located in the heart of Flatiron underneath Lululemon’s headquarters. It has pre-planned events such as movie nights and fitness classes. If you are thinking of running an event that could benefit the community you can submit your idea and get approved to use the space. This just goes to show you that unique spaces are all over the city, in places you may never even think to look!