Event Production and Beyond

The race to find the best summer internship as a college undergraduate student starts during the months of winter jackets and scarves. As a junior in Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, the concept of event planning sparked my interest. I was given the opportunity to interview with the creativeDIRECTOR, jesGORDON and loyalCOMPANION, ruckusGORDON. The blogs and photographs of her visions do not do her justice. I was immediately captivated by her eccentric and vibrant personality and her knowledge of the industry.

The jesGORDON/properFUN team has not only heightened my interest but has exposed me to aspects of production and team management that amaze me each and every time.

planningTIME: Almost one month into my internship and I have experienced five different events—emphasis on different. Within my first hour at the studio, I was able to partake in a sample for a client. The JG team was able to recreate the client's vision for the venue within the studio walls and amidst the Manhattan traffic. Both the client and I were in awe of the creation.

load-ins/productionTIME: The JG team has truly mastered the production process. With preparation weeks in advance, the team gracefully prepares for an event.

The operationsDIRECTOR, kaitMOTLEY takes charge with her communication skills to all of the vendors required to create a cohesive event. She has quickly taken on the role as the voice of the company.

The cool, calm, and collected nature of the designDIRECTOR, rocioRIESTRA leads the team to success, regardless of any setbacks thrown her way. She has effectively applied the organization and skills that I have learned in the classroom to the work of event production.

After copies of event packing lists, production timelines, and floor plans are distributed to the JG army; the load in for an event begins. An early 6AM start to the day takes place at the studio with the JG team, freelancers and boxes and boxes of props, flowers, linens and everything in between.

The work of the eventASSISTANT, jamieDIAMOND ensures that the hard goods arrive in a timely manner and are inspected to meet properFUN standards. Her ability to navigate small shops in the city and the overwhelming world of online shopping to find different odds and ends is impressive to say the least. She exemplifies persistence and pizzazz in all of her work and always shares her snacks.

Once at the venue, the intensive labor commences. My mom always tells me I'm high maintenance but you don't know high maintenance until you witness what creating flower arrangements entails.

The team has triumphed all five of the events I have been a part of. The behind-the-scenes work is remarkable as it comes together seamlessly for the client reveal.

andBEYOND: My appreciation and desire to learn more of the event production industry continues to grow each day I spend with the jesGORDON/properFUN team. The team exudes creativity and refinement and has instantly made me feel like a valued member. My experiences in the hospitality industry have allowed me to understand the importance of encompassing a guest's experience for successful execution.

The jesGORDON/properFUN both values and exhibits this concept, creating a memorable experience for the client and an unbelievable learning opportunity as an intern.