Corporate Class

This year, along with the many celebratory events on JG's calendar, a very special occasion was recognized and rendered perfectly by JG and staff. The rustic Gowanus Ballroom was the venue and JG made it perfect for a winter wonderland theme along with some cozy comfort!

Here was an event to host the largest advertising agency in the world and its many talented employees. There was no shortage of imagination in these rooms so making it special was a crucial task.

But it was spectacular and impressive and we expect no less from our favorite designers!

Here was a space that was really a warehouse with a mezzanine that lent itself to any occasion if you knew how to fashion separate areas.

Here, an open space has been transformed into an intimate setting by beautiful draping and rugs and seating. Throws on the furniture make it intimate and the texture of the soft rug with these throws draw any casual observer in for a chat and a sit down.

The animal skin floor coverings lend a "lodge-like" feel to the room. Not to worry, no animals were harmed in this setting!

From here, walking into the dance floor area highlighted the transition from tranquil to LET'S DANCE!

The advantage of such a wonderful space is that you are given the opportunity to use anything you want. From close seating areas of warm and sophisticated taste to the party palace you see in this photo. And room for everyone!

Mezzanine! Did someone say MEZZANINE?

WOW! Not only is it necessary to design areas that mix and match, it is also essential to make sure your setting is covered from bottom to top or vice-versa! What a great view. Notice the tiger stripes on the big truck. Remember the animal print rug? That's how to bring a theme throughout a location.

It was necessary to look at the designs from every angle as they were exposed on every side. Like the dance floor that had images of snowflakes and JWT on the walls.

Or the seating area from a different angle as guests walked by.

This was a venue that invited artistic bold pieces of modern design to keep the forward thinking nature of the company alive in the room.

A reminder that the corporation is imaginative and creative!

This will give you some idea how the installation process has to be handled. With cranes and ropes and pulleys and VOILA!

Still, even with the excitement of the sizeable installations, there is room for the smaller, pretty votives. Somehow, they keep a balance between the differing sentiments evoked by the décor.

Needless to say, this was one more example of how a top event producer can interpret a client's taste and purpose.

Good job JG.