NYC is such a great place to live because you can find something beautiful everywhere you turn. Even in the most unforeseen places you can stumble across something that inspires you. One of my favorite activities is to take Ruckus on a long walk to find something I have never experienced before. I have started to document some of these places, people, and things I discover on my Instagram (@jesgordon) with the hashtag #coolthingsonthestreet. I want to inspire you to do the same! Whatever city you may be in, hit the streets and show me what you find!

I thought of this when I traveled to Cartagena for Bridal Week. (www.cartagenabridalweek.co) These streets, buildings and scenery brought something new to my creative pallet. As well as the hotel we stayed at designed by Silvia Tcherrassi. (https://www.silviatcherassi.com/enter.html) Exploring there gave me unique ideas for my clients back in the United States. The trip introduced me to new colors, textures and culture. I cannot wait to design for a special project coming out soon using inspiration from Cartagena. 

Sometimes I look for inspiration, but sometimes inspiration finds me. The colors of the wall mural inspired one of my favorite bar mitzvahs of the year. From this one image we were able to create a whole urban New York theme complete with chain link fence, a custom bike bar, and a neon yarn installation that stole the show. We were able to turn the blank walls of Metropolitan West (http://www.metropolitanevents.com) into an incomparable street scene with the guidance from our rockstar planner Leslie Mastin (http://lesliemastinevents.com). It can take one image or scene to get the creative process going. Once it starts there is no stopping me until event day. Once the concept has been solidified, there is an immense amount of research that goes into the execution. Preparing all 8,000 feet of neon yarn with fire retardant restrictions is probably not something most people have done, but I am here to say it can be accomplished (with patience)! My team and I like to push the envelope to give guests at our events something new, exciting, and inspiring to share with their loved ones. Every event we do lends itself for inspiration for another event. Another one of New York’s beloved planners Corey Sandlofer, (www.chlo.com) showed this event to her client and just like that we were onto the next one. Jake had is Bar Mitzvah at the Dream Hotel (http://www.dreamhotels.com/default-en.html) and it was a “dream” night for him and his family.

Another day my good friend Bobby Taylor owner of Taylor Creative Inc. (www.taylorcreative.com) and I were walking around the East Village and we came across this unique jewelry store, John Brevard. (@johnbrevard) For some reason something was telling me I had to check this out. After trying on these awesome spiky rings, which are so up my alley, the shopkeeper told me they do custom jewelry based on your birthday and horoscope sign. This is why I had to come in here! I just knew there was something different and exciting about this place. I immediately went home to check out the website to design my own ring. At www.thoscene.com my creation came to life based off my date of birth and a series of complex, interlocking geometries reminiscent of Euclidean geometries and ancient architecture from the Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian temples. It also revealed that I am “The Discoverer” which makes perfect sense why I feel the need to find #coolthingsonthestreet.

This is something I am definitely going to try to incorporate in my upcoming events. We are lucky enough to live in a place where people want to go the extra mile to make their events more memorable. With this unique system, we could create a whole design scheme based on a certain date. Now to the drawing board! Stay tuned…

In the meantime check out some of my favorites and remember to follow me on instagram for more!