Celebrate Good Times

One step into this well designed seating area and you are ready to romp! Designing for young adults poses many challenges, but JG knows how to make it happen at any age.

Recently, JG produced and event for a wonderful young teen girl, and if I may say so, rocked it out big time! Here is where the designer must reflect all splendor, charm and fun. Lighting and modern touches of glitz and glamour go far in attracting the next generation of trendsetters. Neon tables in front of sequined pillows on modern white couches produce the perfect gathering place.

If it's happening, it's happening here at the "Bar" for thirsty dancers and young society. What fun to see the writing on the walls! The branch arrangement with Orchid Head accents is pretty awesome as well.

The theme colors and designs are carried throughout the venue. Each area is transformed to meet the specifics of the adjoining room or space. An artistic logo is createdfor the girls name and used as branding throughout the venue.

Here is a stunning combination of hues, lighting, and logos. Many sided shapes and reflections add to the beauty and a room is transformed.

Here is an aerial view of the same room as it flows from one end to the other.

You can't forget that a designer must think and create in 3-Dimensional imagination. (I'm lucky if I can think from the doorway to the kitchen!)

Let's go to dinner!

I am definitely in the mood for friendly and fabulous dining. And! I LOVE the centerpieces! Look at them! They are so perfect. Not only for the room, but also for the occasion of a young persons' party. It's just plain perfection!

I think it's hard to make a mistake when your mind and talent are working in tune. A good designer takes inspiration from every sense and applies it to her task. m

Now just in case you would like a quiet place to go, or need to get away from the paparazzi for a few minutes, why not throw in a wonderful, comfortable lounge area with a few of your friends.

Again, I am taken with the use of multi sided and multi shaped pieces. Think about it. Square, Rectangle, Round, Soft and Sturdy, Tall and Short, Lighting, Drapery, Contrast and Monochrome. (I am ready for my test!)

It doesn't happen by itself. In this blog, we saw a multitude of Purple hues supported by a cast of shadows, hues, pastels and contrasting touches. I think it's amazing. I suppose this comes with experience and certainly an artist's eye, but I honestly don't think I could ever do it myself. (Of course no one has asked me to, but that's beside the point)

From the moment you walk into this magnificent venue (Bohemian National Hall)

Til the time you leave, one thing is clear. You have, from the moment you arrived, stepped into another dimension. One that is only realized by the few artists that can design what they imagine, and can imagine what we cannot. That is JG.

As Jes Says: Celebrate your good times, you deserve them!