Be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Getting a wedding invite in the mail is always super exciting, but then the realization of needing to find something to wear sinks in.

As the wedding date gets closer and closer, the stress of finding the right outfit increases drastically. Searching for an outfit with the right style, fit, and price becomes a challenge.

Starting your search months in advance is definitely a good idea, but do not let the current season’s style sway your decision. While shopping around, make sure you consider the time of year the wedding is held in.

Women’s Attire


When attending a spring/summer black tie wedding, a colorful dress is a nice way to distinguish you from the crowd. Even though it is still acceptable to wear darker colors during the spring and summer months, it is a perfect time to step up your game. But just because color is okay doesn't mean you should go over the top with any neon colors or sequins.

  • For a less formal or daytime wedding, shorter dresses are acceptable and encouraged! A pastel color or floral pattern fits the classy and colorful checklist. In the summer you can get away with a lot more especially depending on your location. It is always important to dress the part but also stay true to yourself and your unique style.

    • Fall/Winter-
      When attending a fall/winter wedding people tend to turn to darker colors. One very popular color during the fall and winter months tends to be black of course. But if you are looking to change it up a bit try burgundy, hunter green or navy. If you do decide to wear black, jazz it up with something as simple as ruffles on the bottom or fringe on the dress.

      • For a less formal fall/winter wedding try a knee length or tea length dress. This cut is flattering on almost all figures and gives you more flexibility to dance! Of course a floor length gown is still a viable option for a less formal affair, but just make it appropriate for the type of event.

        • Men’s Attire:

          For less formal wedding in the Spring/Summer a lighter colored suit would be appropriate; this can include a light color or beige. For an outdoor wedding, it is common to wear a linen suit without a tie. If attending a “black tie” wedding during the spring/summer, a tuxedo is worn, but if it is “black tie optional” a darker suit can be worn as well as a tux; whichever you prefer.

          • Fall/Winter-
            Wearing a wool suit in the winter for a formal, or non-formal wedding acceptable. It is possible to dress a wool suit up or down with the decisions you make on tie, shirt and shoes worn. Wearing a grey, or dark colored suit to a non-formal winter wedding is a nice way to change it up. Attending a “black tie” wedding in the fall/winter the attire is the same all year, a tuxedo.

            • After all the stress of finding the perfect attire to wear to a wedding is over, it’s all about enjoying it. And remember, you never want to be the one to wear white to someone else’s wedding!