The Art Of Napkin Folding

Lets talk about napkins ...

The first napkin was a lump of dough the Spartans called 'apomagdalie'. Today, the napkin has evolved into something more than a means of wiping remnants of a meal off of one's face; it has become a statement piece at any event. The JG team doesn't cut any corners when it comes to your linens.

When it comes to event design and production, it is important to create a vibrant and unique atmosphere with an overall cohesive theme. Your linens should not be forgotten when it comes to this. It is crucial to consider the linen design, size, color, and material. Napkins should be fun and functional.

properFUN: Napkin folding techniques can really make a bold statement and boost the visual effects. Whether you would like to complement an intricate floral centerpiece with a pocket fold style napkin or create a dramatic place setting with a rose fold, there is a fun and fresh fold for any occasion or event. Napkins have no boundaries; they can be accented with anything—napkin rings, flowers, or natural crystals.

properFUNCTION:Apart from the decorative use of napkins, one must not forget the practical aspect of these linens as well. Those messy individuals who always manage to miss their mouths are forever grateful for the basic function. However, napkins are used for so much more. Expanding the function of your linens to serve as menu card or utensil holders are innovative and practical approaches to a table setting. Recently, the JG team has used the pocket style fold in order to accommodate the menu card. This design creates a sleek and sophisticated table arrangement while freeing up table space, allowing your guests to sit more comfortably during their meal.

During any event design, you should have fun with your linens! The possibilities are endless—be bold, be different, be classy!

Whatever the napkin, whatever the fold, the JG team has got your table covered.

Here are some of the different napkin folding techniques the JG team has used for a variety of events:

A. Traditional Pocket Fold—great for displaying menu cards or as a means of holding silverware
B. The French Fold—simple and elegant to complement the tablescape
C. The Bowtie—a modern and chic fold
D. The Basic Pouch—similar to the traditional pocket fold with some flare
E. Napkin with Ring—can showcase another element of your design
F. Napkin with Flower Ring-similar to the napkin with ring with a touch of romance