Art in Bloom with Jes Gordon

Every year hordes of people flock to the Macy's Flower Show to see world famous designers create exquisite floral pieces for their "Bouquet of the Day". They are, for the most part, the "A-List" of floral interpreters and they give the show immense appeal.

Having been a part of this select and talented group, Jes has surprised and delighted countless visitors with her cutting edge imagination and installations. This year's theme is "Art in Bloom".

Framed as masterpieces, JG installed a "Museum" of works depicting life in all its glories and banalities. These portraits and displays are a taste of the world all around us and the strong pulse of city life.

As you will see, her creations are imaginative and realistic, beautiful and bold, courageous and controversial and never, ever dull!

Jes is that rare artist who walks to the beat of her own drum, creating a sensory display that evokes reactions in everyone who experiences her work. Take a look for yourself and you will see why she is so acclaimed.

A "Tree of Life" gives proof of the wonderful relationship enjoyed by the artist and Macy's. Love and presents all bubble wrapped growing on trees. It's all good, but if you look closely, you will see the caution tape holding it together.

Is that a Ruckus I see carefully defending the dog's life in the city? What fun!

Art is all around us. And so the framed works are exhibited side by side the reality of our lives. Whether a famous painter or an ordinary worker, we coexist in the same world.

Mixed media and floral hanging art works simulate famous painters and city life.

Woven throughout the site is the presence of both life and death, a cycle of reality. The details in both the portraits and supporting displays tell a story of work, wonder and whimsy.

Snippets of colorful details feature an irrepressible joy and a smattering of humor with which to handle even the darkest part of our lives.

Our lives are not neat. They don't fall into a single category and we paint our own canvases every day.

We are all in this together.

I love the framed art here. Whether a Frida Khalo painting or a child's picture, it is a perfect depiction of the rhythm of our lives.