A Dream Wedding in New York City

This wedding started with a couple. A couple wanted their wedding day to be magical. Who wouldn't? After turning to JG and her team for guidance, they started the hunt for the perfect venue.

This search didn't have to go too far because as soon as they entered the ballroom at the top of Rockefeller Center they were sold. After this solid decision of the Rainbow Room everything else seamlessly fell into place.

Music by Erik Marshall from Hank Lane – DONE. Photography and Videography by Hechler Photography – DONE. Cake by Sylvia Weinstock – DELICIOUS AND DONE.

Now what else is there to do for an event planner and designer you ask? As JG would say, 'The Pretty Stuff'.

Everything around me in the Rainbow Room is crystal and stars of silver and flora above. The use of mirrors to created an atmosphere all unto itself, with eye-catching reflections everywhere.

Mirrors that reflect silver and glass with a hint of votive power and lilac make magic at the table.

How does a designer know what to mix and match so that a venue is not just a place to have an event, but an event that happens to be at a place? This gift is what JG and team share.

The day of starts as most weddings do. An impossibly beautiful bride with a cascade bouquet of orchids, heads turn and hearts stop at the sight of her. All eyes are fixed on her as she claims the starring role in an age-old ritual. Silent sentinels of flowers greet her as if urging her on to the next one and the ceremony is begun.

The designer has to pull every aspect of the site into her vision. From ceiling installations to seating, to floral hues and accents. The delicate balance of the 'wow fatcor' versus sensory overload is what the JG team excels at. They want to push the envelope and show something never seen before without scaring the guests into unfamiliar territory.

What a lot of people don't realize is how each of the vendors have to work in tandem to pull any event off. Notice how the cake flowers reflects exactly what flowers are used in the centerpieces. And how the napkins, flatware and glassware create a monochromatic color theme with JG's design elements.

Mirrored beverage station surface with subtle ceiling lighting and centerpieces in soft colors and arrangements. Bet you didn't think of hydrangeas as a formal flower. I sure didn't! But along with those gorgeous roses they are a knockout! The flowers tell a color story so have having them range from dark purples to lighter purple and lilacs to almost white makes the visuals pop.

Layering levels of tables create a pleasing triangle of beauty.

It's all in the details and not one has been forgotten by JG. Just look at this table setting up close and personal and you will see many small creative touches. From the high centerpieces to low satellite arrangements. Along with the mixed metallic votives. All of these elements are needed to balance each other out.

These are truly the work of a master designer. It is also the work of a designer who knows that every event is different and there is something to be learned from each and every client. It is why JG is such an artist.