5 things to know before meeting your event designer

#1: Budget

  • When it comes to the budget, most people have inaccurate expectations. Whether this is the first event they are planning or they are being hopeful, budgets are a sticky spot for most people. Not everything is as easy as Pinterest makes it seem. This is why it is a good idea to outline all possible costs so nothing comes as a surprise down the line. No matter the budget, it is essential to be transparent with your event designer as they can help propose décor that makes a statement without breaking the bank. It is their job to be creative based on your wants and budget so once these things are discussed it begins a great working relationship.

    #2: Date

    • No matter the occasion a date is the first thing solidified when planning a special event. You might be newly engaged and planning one of the most romantic nights of your life or in charge of that networking happy hour for all of your biggest clients. An official date of the event makes it real. The date is important to an event designer because it can dictate a lot of aesthetic choices. For example, if you are planning on getting married in the fall, summer florals will look out of place as well as being out of season.

      #3: Number of People

      • The amount of people invited and/or attending your event can actually tell an event designer a lot about the type of event you are hosting. Not only does this help them figure out things within a budget but it also gives insight to the environment of an event. If you are hosting an event for 75 people versus 250 people the type of food service may be different which then plays into the type of seating proposed. This one number has a domino effect on the rest of the details of your event. This number doesn't have to be finalized for your first meeting, but having a realistic range is a good idea.

        #4: Venue

        • Whether you are having a huge event or a more intimate gathering of family and friends, a venue is one of the first major decisions you will make in the party planning process. This space usually gives your event designer a good indication your style preferences. To pick a venue, you must have a general idea of your guest count so you don't waste your time with venues that are too big or too small. It is also important to feel comfortable in a space as this will set the tone for the duration of the event. Believe it or not but flow has a major impact on whether a space is conducive to hosting a special event, not necessarily square footage.

          #5: General Style

          • We are lucky enough to be in a day and age where pictures are readily available. You don't have to be familiar with all of the terminology, but having an idea of your likes and dislikes will help build the foundation for your design. It can be something as simple as an image of your favorite restaurant or a certain color palette you like. This gives your event designer a glimpse of what you may be envisioning and they can take off from there. It is okay to like a few different styles, because what makes an event designer great is being able to combine these into one unique look that is truly you!