by: christineHAN

We are back and hoping you are all safe from the effects of hurricane Sandy.


This story is about how we translated a small moment of inspiration into a beautifully designed venue all because of the colors within and around “Ombre”.

Think of a sunset. Rich golds, unusual reds and purples and pinks and grays and blues and greens, and yellows!!  

That’s what ombre is from head to toe with a little white paint mixed in for gentling.


Sometimes inspiration for an event can come from something as simple as walking past a store window and being struck by a wonderful color.

That is what happened looking in the window of West Elm and seeing my muse “Ombre” in the products on display. 


How would this translate into a major event forthe Hackensack Medical Center’s Gala at the MOMA?


Of course West Elm helped us by having the products that utilized the range of this color and we went from there.

Showing the client products using the entire gamut of  Ombre from rich primary jewel tones to subdued gradients;we were able to describe our ideas for the event. 


We knew the entrance would be most important, as the first impressions would occur there.

Faux hedges laced with hand fashioned white paper flowers greeted the guests coming into an area of ombre lighting and warmth. 


All around there are colors, muted and comforting eliciting appreciative smiles.

The reflecting pool, also beautifully contrasted parts of ombre with watered down intensities all working together in a sophisticated harmony. 


We had to work within the confines of the rules of the Museum and make sure we were not in conflict with their concepts.

Ombre saved the day from the subtly lit staircase to the sitting areas. There was a palette of mix and match shades of ombre.


While we did this on a grand scale, it is just as effective for any event. Express your inspiration throughout your venue and let us know your story.

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